5th Annual Tastes of the World

The students of the class of 2024 participated in the 5th annual Tastes of the World Event on Tuesday night this week. Delicacies from 88 countries across the globe from Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and the Island Nations of the World were represented as the students completed a 10 week enrichment project by preparing a meal from a country全民双色球旧版下载 of the world.

Throughout the marking period, the students researched a country全民双色球旧版下载 of the world by looking at its economy, history, culture, famous people, inventions and laws. They have written a research paper, made a travel brochure marketing the country全民双色球旧版下载 and its features. They held a spirited debate tournament to prove why their country全民双色球旧版下载 would be a great place to visit. To cap off the unit, they prepared their Tastes of the World dish. The students will now compile their recipes and produce a free cookbook for the families of the district!

Please email Mr Medved at emedved@ if you’d like a digital copy of the cookbook when it is completed.