Character Challenge Day Teaches Teamwork and Citizenship

Now, who’s up for a good challenge??

Last week, Tamarac Middle School students participated in the annual “Character Challenge,” a day filled with fun and teamwork! Using eight different stations, students were tasked with problem-solving and thinking outside of the box in order to complete each “challenge.” By working together, students were able to identify what makes a good citizen and team member! By the end of the challenge, students were asked to discuss their favorite parts of the day, how they were able to complete each station’s challenge, and ultimately define what it means to be a good citizen with positive character!

Tamarac Middle School would like to give a special thank you to Lisa Hoyt and Josh Pulito from Dyken Pond Environmental Education Center for making this day possible, and for helping our students learn about the fundamentals of citizenship, sportmanship, and teamwork! To learn more about their work with students and other outstanding programs they provide, please visit:

Check out how our students did during the Character Challenge below: