Important Update Regarding COVID-19 from Dr. Angelina Maloney

Dear Tamarac Families:

I know there are many questions about how our district will respond to certain circumstances surrounding COVID-19. To learn more about best practices moving forward, I had a meeting with the Rensselaer County Health Department yesterday. Officials offered their recommendations and updated us with the most current information. Please see our most updated information below:

1. Currently, there are NO reported cases in Rensselaer County.

2. There is a very big difference between exposure and infection. Any reports of exposure should be reported to the Rensselaer County Department of Health at (518) 270-2655. If you or your child is feeling ill, please see the following resource for steps forward: .

3. If you or your student has tested positive for COVID-19, please immediately contact your building principal. If there is a confirmed case of an adult or a student in our district with COVID-19, we will be acting accordingly to New York State guidance and the Governor’s directives.

4. Any information regarding closures will be sent out to families as soon as possible through eNews emails, district website posts, district Facebook posts, district Twitter posts, and through School Messenger phone calls/text messages.

5. As of now, all scheduled activities are still going on, as this is the current recommendation from the Department of Health. Every trip and event will be considered on a case by case basis. The exception to the above is our international trips, which have been postponed based on NYS guidance that came out on Monday and the President’s travel ban.

6. With regard to students’ Advanced Placement, NYS and Regents tests this coming spring, we will update you when we have more information (including postponements, cancellations, retakes, etc.).

7. Our custodians are working tirelessly to keep everything clean and sanitized. Please continue to encourage your children to follow best hygiene practices. To learn more, please visit: .

8. Parents that have any concerns should call your building principal to discuss individual situations. We are always happy to work with our families and communities.

I apologize for the volume of emails, but I’d rather over-communicate than under-communicate with such a delicate and volatile topic. As always, my main goal is the health and safety of our Tamarac family.


Dr. Angelina Maloney
Brunswick CSD

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